Everything But the Kitchen Sink!

My newest project I created, I think, for the sole purpose of actually selling. I saw a similar bracelet here and thought, “Hey, if I make this in primary colors (plus green), it would make a good Awareness bracelet!”

So here it is.

This bracelet has every kind of peyote stitch there is. It is mostly even count two-drop, but there is also an instance of single odd-count. (There should have been two, but for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around how to do it again.) There is also increase and decrease, which the first time ’round was pretty simple, and I was fairly pleased with myself for mastering it so quickly. The other times, it was not so simple, and I’m not quite sure why.

I think I’m going to re-do the whole pattern and make each little tab and cutout the same. Or mostly the same. Definitely the missing parts and sticky-out bits the same. I’m also going to try a different set of colors. These were transparent, and while the green and blue look awesome, the red and yellow seem a bit dark to me for what the pattern’s supposed to accomplish. I have opaque red, blue, and yellow, but I don’t have an opaque green yet, so I’ll have to find/order some. I don’t usually like the opaque colors-I call them “Crayola colors,” But I think they may work here.

As you can see, the two outside yellows on the bottom look a bit strange, and that’s one of the things I intend to correct next time around. I also need to add another 2 puzzle pieces, because I seem to have made the pattern to be me-sized, which will fit no adult, apparently. Although, it did occur to me that maybe I could start a trend where autistic children wear these so we can identify them and treat them with more grace and patience than other children. Though, maybe we should just treat all children that way and labeling them with arm-bands seems a bit Nazi-ish. Hmm.

Anyway, this is where I wish I had a real copy of the pattern program I use, instead of the free trial. Because I have to re-do the entire pattern now, instead of just editing the one I have, because the free trial doesn’t allow me to save the patterns.

So, if you know anyone who may wish to have this bracelet, in this color scheme or in other colors, direct them here!


About cathairinmybeads

I am a beader who has cats. I am a crazy cat lady who also beads. I enjoy beading, and know a fair bit about the subject. I have 6 cats, and I do realize that is about 2 too many. My cats agree, too, but there is never a lack of cat stories in my house! I am hoping to begin selling my wares at some point, so if you see something you like, please let me know!!
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