Why would I wear that?

I was at Target the other day and I saw this:


I thought, “Hey, that’s cute. I could use that for beading stuff!” Sure enough, it’s just big enough to hold everything I’d need for one project:


I figured I’d keep this in my purse, in case I get bored somewhere and wish I could do some beading.

The only thing is, this was in the feminine hygiene aisle. Why? It’s a ‘napkin’ holder. It came with a tampon, a liner, and a pad. I think I threw them away, as I don’t use that brand.

It also came with a bracelet. (I can’t find it, I must have thrown that away as well, though I did have it in my mind to take a pic to post here.) Why would you include a bracelet? Am I supposed to want others to know…you know? Maybe it’s to warn others? “What’s her problem today? She sure is moody. Ohh, she’s wearing that bracelet. Best tread lightly around her.” Or, “Look at her bracelet. Eww, gross, we know what’s going on down there.”

I’m not ever going to wear it.

I wish this case came in purple. As I wish most things did.


About cathairinmybeads

I am a beader who has cats. I am a crazy cat lady who also beads. I enjoy beading, and know a fair bit about the subject. I have 6 cats, and I do realize that is about 2 too many. My cats agree, too, but there is never a lack of cat stories in my house! I am hoping to begin selling my wares at some point, so if you see something you like, please let me know!!
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