Beading OCD

I spent the last four days (well, my free time, besides work and some housework) re-organizing my beads.


I have 8 trays, each with 4 square slots and one long one. So, not counting the long ones, I have space for 160 different colors. I have 32 empty slots, which means I have 128 different colors so far.

And I moved almost every one. Some more than once.

See, I have a few colors that have matching colors in different finishes. Like transparent red, transparent red matte, transparent red matte rainbow, and transparent red rainbow. So I put all of the transparents with matching ‘others’ in one tray (plus the staples, gloss black and gloss white), then put their matching transparent mattes in the same slots in the next tray. Then, if I had any more matching ones, in the next tray. See in the pic, how the orange in one tray has a matching one in the one next to it?

Then I made a tray for the other transparents.

Then the remainder of the transparent mattes.

Then the color-lined and silver-lined in another.

Then the opaques.

Then the lusters, the ceylons and the metallics.

Not only did I have to move the beads, I had to remove its corresponding identifying sticker. Which did not really wish to come off. Then I had to make new stickers, and  put them on before I moved on to the next color, or else I might forget.

I almost dropped an open tray on the ground, which gave me a mini-heart attack.

Am I going to have to start all over when I get more colors?

I’m already thinking of moving the metallics…


About cathairinmybeads

I am a beader who has cats. I am a crazy cat lady who also beads. I enjoy beading, and know a fair bit about the subject. I have 6 cats, and I do realize that is about 2 too many. My cats agree, too, but there is never a lack of cat stories in my house! I am hoping to begin selling my wares at some point, so if you see something you like, please let me know!!
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2 Responses to Beading OCD

  1. artsygenius says:

    I keep my beads in little bags, inside the trays. That way I can shuffle them around pretty easily when I get new ones, or when I use up some of my inventory. And I try to keep the lids closed, because I’ve dropped things now and then, and boy was I sorry.

  2. Drooling,my beads are my babies lol!

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