Good Thing I Learned Brick Stitch

I saw this project I want to try, and I need a peyote bracelet base. I start it in my old standby, tearose, (which I always forget it doesn’t look quite as good strung as it does just all together in a pile. Then I remembered I’d started (and gave up on) a different project in this same color. So I dug it out. The one I’m doing now has four/eight rows, the old one has three/six. But I can add another row using brick stitch!

…and I’ve just now realized I need to add 2 rows….Oh well.

This is me adding another row.



About cathairinmybeads

I am a beader who has cats. I am a crazy cat lady who also beads. I enjoy beading, and know a fair bit about the subject. I have 6 cats, and I do realize that is about 2 too many. My cats agree, too, but there is never a lack of cat stories in my house! I am hoping to begin selling my wares at some point, so if you see something you like, please let me know!!
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One Response to Good Thing I Learned Brick Stitch

  1. haha, brick stitch really is the most handy beading tool in the arsenal!

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