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I am a beader who has cats. I am a crazy cat lady who also beads. I enjoy beading, and know a fair bit about the subject. I have 6 cats, and I do realize that is about 2 too many. My cats agree, too, but there is never a lack of cat stories in my house! I am hoping to begin selling my wares at some point, so if you see something you like, please let me know!!

Good Thing I Learned Brick Stitch

I saw this project I want to try, and I need a peyote bracelet base. I start it in my old standby, tearose, (which I always forget it doesn’t look quite as good strung as it does just all together … Continue reading

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Beading OCD

I spent the last four days (well, my free time, besides work and some housework) re-organizing my beads. I have 8 trays, each with 4 square slots and one long one. So, not counting the long ones, I have space … Continue reading

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Why would I wear that?

I was at Target the other day and I saw this: I thought, “Hey, that’s cute. I could use that for beading stuff!” Sure enough, it’s just big enough to hold everything I’d need for one project: I figured I’d … Continue reading

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One Resolution Down!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn a new bead stitch. So I did. Although technically, it’s the same stitch, just done sideways. But the way to do it sideways is in no way similar to the way … Continue reading

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Beaded Bengal

This was my first major project. And also the first big project I actually completed. I have several cross-stitches that are only partly done. I must have a bit of ADD; I get bored halfway through something and quit. I … Continue reading

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Everything But the Kitchen Sink!

My newest project I created, I think, for the sole purpose of actually selling. I saw a similar bracelet here and thought, “Hey, if I make this in primary colors (plus green), it would make a good Awareness bracelet!” So … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossom Bracelet

This is my second bracelet project from Mikki Ferrugiaro. Her patterns can be viewed and purchased here. (Hey! I figured out links!) I changed the color scheme a bit. It was supposed to have black leaves, and green where the … Continue reading

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