An Advance Apology to Buyers

When making an item, I try to be as clean as possible. I wash my hands after eating, before picking up my project (though I do lotion my hands, I use unscented lotion). My work area is generally free of contaminants (like liquids/sauces/dirt I could drag my string through).

However, sometimes this happens:

Or, even worse, this:

Yes, she is sitting ON my beads.

This is Sugar, one of my 6 cats. She adopted me, not the other way around, and when she wants attention, by gum, she will get it. she has learned, however, that the string I keep dragging across her fur is NOT a toy, so I have definitely cut down on the amount of cat saliva that gets into my projects.

I usually stay up quite late working at my desk. Sugar will stay up with me. Usually, she sleeps on top of my chair, sometimes on a cushion I have on a shelf next to my desk, sometimes in a lump in the middle of the floor, and sometimes she will demand to sit in my lap. When she does, she will usually knead my arm, belly, leg, other unmentionable parts…

I work with long strands of string, so inevitably, stray fur will wind up in the piece I’m working on. I keep a pair of tweezers on my desk so I can pull cat hair out of my projects, but some will still wind up in them, so, dear buyer, if you’re allergic to cats, you have been forewarned.

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